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Holly and the Johnnies

For a look at the 8 Piece, 5 Piece and 4 Piece combinations, check out this video playlist:

We basically can do any combinations from 4 to 8 piece for reception music. 

Also on the website, you’ll find ( a link to our Master Set List, to get an idea of what we play.  We have you choose about 20-25 songs from that list, and we would fill in the rest.  In between the band’s breaks, we make an automated playlist of dance music to play to keep the dancefloor hoppin’ while the band takes a breather.  Usually after dinner, reception dance time is about 3 hours, in which we will do 2 x 1 hour 15 min sets, with a half hour break for the dance music playlist. We can also craft a 3 set x 2 shorter break format depending on the schedule of your event.

Band break is usually a good time to throw in line dances, hip hop heavy stuff, etc. as this band doesn’t really do those.  

We have fun medleys mash-ups, however, that will be really fun for your guests!  

We also have reviews on our Google Page to check out:  Holly and the Johnnies Google Reviews!


Solo Guitar – Garret Schmittling

Our guitarist, Garret Schmittling, has done hundreds of ceremonies and he is my first recommendation whenever a client asks about Live music for ceremony.  His acoustic fingerstyle instrumental music is beautiful and his charming personality will have you glowing. He will learn any 3 songs you want for Processional, Entrance of the Bride and Recessional – And provide 30 minutes of prelude music while your guests arrive.  Here’s a playlist of some of his live videos:

His custom arrangements can be heard on his soundcloud:

Solo Piano – Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a one of a kind brilliant jazz pianist, from ragtime to traditional jazz, bebop and swing.  His glowing personality and infectious smile will be a lovely add on to Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, or Brunch.  

Here’s a couple good videos from his YouTube Channel to get a feel for him:


Jazz trio/4 piece/5 piece band

Everyone in the band is well versed in jazz performance, and we can basically make any kind of combo work here.  This would be more of a “loungy” type of vibe.  

Here is a video of Mike and I playing a jazz trio with another singer and drummer, to give you an idea.

Also our trumpet player Dave is a great jazz crooner, for a Frank Sinatra/Old Hollywood type of feel:

Here is a less lounge jazzy/more funky feel of a trio without horns:

Duo, Acoustic/electric eclectic covers

Garret and I also do an acoustic duo, playing a range of hits from classic to current.  This will provide for more of a “pub/bar” kind of vibe than a jazz lounge.

Our singer Holly and Garret also do a really fun duo Painted White with all the lovie dovie feels!

In Conclusion

LOTS of options I know, but just know that the members of this band have collectively played hundreds of gigs together– And we can mold whatever you want, even if you don’t see a video example of it above. You have an All Star cast of musicians and you will be SO pleased with the music and performances, no matter what you decide on.  

If you choose not to have live music for ceremony and cocktail / dinner hour, I will play music through a speaker at the ceremony and a playlist will just be played for the cocktail and dinner hours.  

Let me know once you’ve reviewed everything, feel free to call me for any questions about the rates, services, music, anything at all.  I can give you an accurate quote once I know your thoughts on ceremony, cocktail / dinner hours. 

I’m looking forward to hopefully working with you!